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Galvanised Lighting Supply Kiosk

An adaptation of the system 50 outgoing switch system was fitted into this galvanised lighting feeder kiosk.

Galvanised lighting supply kiosk

Cabinet for Landfill Site

A truly flexible solution, this cabinet houses a mobile diesel connection point section, outgoing (to the grid) ACB, section coupler and feeders for local auxiliary supplies

This unit is in use on a landfill re-generation site, whereby locally generated power is fed back into the grid.

An in-build shot of a complex breaker cabinet

Hybrid ACB Cabinet

A 4000A ACB cabinet loosely based on the System 50 steelwork design.

The System 50 design was deemed to be more suitable for this project, due to the size and compartment requirements of the project.

4000A Hybrid steel work ACB cabinet