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System 50 Switchboards


do not confuse System 50 switchboards with off the shelf 'meccano like' frame systems

System 50 is a high quality and flexible switchgear framework, developed and designed by Charnvel and manufactured by our partners. The flexibility of the System 50 design means we can easily provide a complete factory built assembly to your contract requirements; anything from single column units to large complex suites of switchgear can be supplied to most IP ratings.

Our versatile and well proven System 50 range of cubicle switchboards are constructed to BS EN60439 (BS 5486) and are available in all classes of forms of separation.

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Wall Mounted Switchboards

Wall mounted switchbaordA derivative of the system 50 design, and testament to its flexibility are our wall mounted boards.

Ideal where space is at a premium, or the need for a full switchboard with incoming protection is not necessary.

These switchboards can also be used to extend the life on an existing installation, by adding additional outgoing devices and features.


System 50 SlimSwitch

A derivative of our popular System 50 design, the Slimswitch variation uses ABB Slimline switches for pluggable, space efficient outgoing ways.

SlimSwitch System 50 SwitchboardView of a slimswitch System 50 Switchboard