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System 50 Switchboards


do not confuse System 50 switchboards with off the shelf 'meccano like' frame systems

System 50 is a high quality and flexible switchgear framework, developed and designed by Charnvel and manufactured by our partners. The flexibility of the System 50 design means we can easily provide a complete factory built assembly to your contract requirements; anything from single column units to large complex suites of switchgear can be supplied to most IP ratings.

Our versatile and well proven System 50 range of cubicle switchboards are constructed to BS EN60439 (BS 5486) and are available in all classes of forms of separation.

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Wall Mounted Switchboards

Wall mounted switchbaordA derivative of the system 50 design, and testament to its flexibility are our wall mounted boards.

Ideal where space is at a premium, or the need for a full switchboard with incoming protection is not necessary.

These switchboards can also be used to extend the life on an existing installation, by adding additional outgoing devices and features.


System 50 SlimSwitch

A derivative of our popular System 50 design, the Slimswitch variation uses ABB Slimline switches for pluggable, space efficient outgoing ways.

SlimSwitch System 50 SwitchboardView of a slimswitch System 50 Switchboard

Extension Switchboards

Extension switchboardOur flexible range of System 50 switchboards can be supplied as an extension to an existing LVAC scheme, where columns of outgoing switches can be mated to existing switchgear to extend the life of otherwise obsolete equipment. Interconnection can be via cable or a bespoke bus-trunk solution.

Charnvel will carry out a full survey of the existing switchgear to establish the necessary connection and mechanical parameters. If detailled drawings of the existing board are not available, an outage may be necessary to carry out measurements.

Breaker Cabinets


Charnvel Ltd offer a wide range of transformer mounted outdoor distribution equipment ranging from single feeder ACB, MCCB and fuseswitch cabinets, to multi way units incorporating incoming isolating devices and any number of the above outgoing feeders with the addition of outgoing BS88 or DIN type fuseways.

Various forms of instrumentation, measuring and protective circuitry can be provided, including alarm indication, auxiliary feeds and trip relay protection.

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Feeder Pillars


Our range of Feeder Pillars cover 400A to 3200A, with 2 to 15 outgoing ways.


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Mini Pillars


Mini pillars are ideally suited for street lighting and residential supplies. Usually 600A 6 way TP&N busbars, with a maximum outgoing rating of 100A, more commonly rated at 80A.

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TFF Fuse switch cabinets


The TFF outdoor range of National Grid approved fuse switches covers 63A to 800A in seven sizes. All units have internal padlocking of the fuse switch in the off position, and external padlocking of the operating handle in both the on and off positions and our TFF cabinets neatly fit between transformer cooling radiators.

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Shore Supply Switchgear and Lineside Pillars


 Shore supply panels are provided at railway stations, depots, and stabling sidings as a facility to pre heat and condition the rolling stock.

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Mobile Shore Supplies


Shore supplies are provided at railway stations, depots, and stabling sidings as a facility to pre-heat, air condition and provide lighting and general power to rolling stock.

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Generator Shore Supplies

All the functionality of our permanent shore supply solution, coupled to a diesel generator and fuel supply, housed in a manageable and portable enclosure.


Industrial type boards


Our rugged range of outdoor, frame mounted, industrial style switchboards are regularly supplied to both the home and export markets, where they are exposed to a variety of adverse conditions. The enclosures are manufactured from 2mm cold reduced 304 stainless sheet steel and are polyester paint finished to BS 381C shade 632 (other colours are available upon request). The modular enclosure system is fixed to a rugged, hot-dipped-galvanised frame giving ample room for cable connections.

We are finding that this type of switchboard is increasingly being used for substation auxiliary site supplies such as lighting, cooling etc.

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Mobile Diesel Connection Points


These units provide a permanent, or semi-permanent connection, from a diesel generator to an existing switchboard installation, and are used where mains supplies need to be dropped for maintenance purposes. Our MDCP units house Phase 3’s PowersafeIcon External Link connection points which ensure correct plug / phase mating, and safe connection to the generator set takes a matter of minutes

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