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Industrial type boards

Our rugged range of outdoor, frame mounted, industrial style switchboards are regularly supplied to both the home and export markets, where they are exposed to a variety of adverse conditions. The enclosures are manufactured from 2mm cold reduced 304 stainless sheet steel and are polyester paint finished to BS 381C shade 632 (other colours are available upon request). The modular enclosure system is fixed to a rugged, hot-dipped-galvanised frame giving ample room for cable connections.

We are finding that this type of switchboard is increasingly being used for substation auxiliary site supplies such as lighting, cooling etc.

Details and Options

  • Enclosures provide outdoor protection to IP54.
  • Special paint colours and finishes are available.
  • HDHC copper busbars are formed in-house and electro tin plated after forming to ensure a long lasting high quality finish which is essential for outdoor situations.
  • Cable entry is from below as standard, or from above when requested.
  • An overall rain-shed roof is available as an option.
  • Provision of skids on the fame for easy re-positioning.

Drag-along skids clearly visible on the mounting frameIndustrial switchboard with a rain shed roof.A simple industrial type boardb_150_100_16777215_00_images_IndustrialBoards_frame-board-west-weybridge.jpg