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Breaker Cabinets


Charnvel Ltd offer a wide range of transformer mounted outdoor distribution equipment ranging from single feeder ACB, MCCB and fuseswitch cabinets, to multi way units incorporating incoming isolating devices and any number of the above outgoing feeders with the addition of outgoing BS88 or DIN type fuseways.

Various forms of instrumentation, measuring and protective circuitry can be provided, including alarm indication, auxiliary feeds and trip relay protection.

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Feeder Pillars


Our range of Feeder Pillars cover 400A to 3200A, with 2 to 15 outgoing ways.


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Mini Pillars


Mini pillars are ideally suited for street lighting and residential supplies. Usually 600A 6 way TP&N busbars, with a maximum outgoing rating of 100A, more commonly rated at 80A.

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