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Switchboards for Scottish Power

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As part of the LVAC framework agreement between Charnvel Ltd and Scottish Power / Iberdrola, we have supplied to the following sites.

Switchboards are of our System 50 design and in compliance with STS-03-1203 & NGTS 3.12.3.

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National Grid Type-Tested Installations


Charnvel Ltd. has obtained 'Type Registration' in accordance with NGTS 3.12.3 issue 6 June 2007 for substation LVAC supplies.

This involved 'Type Testing' our System 50 switchboard assembly, temperature rise testing, and ASTA certification of our busbar and enclosure systems.

Our track record speaks for itself.

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Emergency Replacement of LVAC Panel

Changeover switchboard Click hereIcon External Link to read how a Tecnivel/Charnvel 3 panel changeover board saved the day. Orignally installed in 2003 at Lewisham, the changeover board was later decomissioned yet proved its worth as an emergency replacement due to the catastrophic failure of an Allen West LVAC board.

Over the past few years Charnvel Ltd have supplied many more changeover panels of this design to various areas of the rail system.

National Grid Cellarhead 400kv Substation

Images of a System 50 switchboard installation at National Grid Cellarhead 400kv Substation.Cellarhead 400v SwitchboardCellarhead outgoing switches

York Depot 2 Way Shore Supply

Here we see a Charnvel Type D lineside pillar, ground box and plug stowage arrangement at York Leeman RoadIcon External Link ready to supply power to the Trans Pennine Express (TPE) locomotive 'Brutus'

68019 Brutus with Charnvel Type D Lineside PillarType D Lineside Pillar

2 Way Mobile Shore Supply

Pen y Cymoedd Wind Energy Project

One of our largest System 50 switchboards was supplied to ABB as part of the Pen y Cymoedd Wind Energy Project. The switchboard was installed on a floor standing support frame as the incoming and outgoing cable access was from below.

Charnvel additionaly supplied the switchboard for the connection from the wind farm, to the new National Grid substation at Rhigos.

All aspects of the LVAC supply were covered by Charnvel; design, manufacture, testing, installation and comissioning.

pyc factory

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Blackhillock 132kV Substation

As part of the new build, Blackhillock substationIcon External Link, Keith, Scotland, Charnvel Ltd were contracted to supply 3 off System 50 type switchboards, each with a raised floor support frame.

As the availabilty of supply was a primary concern for our customer, the three switchboards were delivered, positioned and re-suited during December 2015. Temporary supplies could then be installed to the boards.

blackhillock 1

Ninfield 400kV Substation

System 50 Switchboard at Ninfield Substation.

ninfield 2

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Kensal Green

A Charnvel System 50 switchboard at Kensal Green Substation. Visit this pageIcon External Link for an overview of the project.

kensal 1

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National Nuclear Laboratory Workington

Our 2500A system 50 switchboard installation at National Nuclear Laboratory facility in Workington.

nnl workington 1

Rhigos Substation

Installation at Rhigos substation

As part of the Pen y Cymoedd Wind Energy Project grid connectionIcon External Link, Charnvel Ltd supplied and installed a 630A System 50 switchboard into the new substation at Rhigos, South Wales.

rhigos hiab

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National Grid 800A Isolator ACB cabinet

National Grid 800A Isolator ACB cabinet

Working closely with National Grid, Charnvel have delevoped 3 and 4 pole variants of their Transformer Mounted 800A Isolator ACB cabinet, registred with the EGI CODE AMEB24.

An off load isolator switch is castell interlocked with an 800A ACB in such a way that the isolator swtich cannot ber operated 'on-load'

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Bonnybridge 132kV Substation

Bonnybridge switchroom
Bonnybridge switchboard in its new home.

A 400A System 50 switchboard supplied to Scottish Power / Iberdrola for the Bonnybridge 132kV substation.

Switchboard for International Rectifier Newport

4000A 'L' shaped distribution switchboard with 2 off power factor correction sections

4000A 'L' shaped distribution switchboard with 2 No.s power factor correction sections.

400A L.V Distribution board for Ellesmere Port

As part of the LVAC framework agreement between Scottish Power / Iberdrola and ourselves, Charnvel supplied a 400A distribution switchboard of our System 50 design and in compliance with STS-03-1203 & NGTS 3.12.3.

The switchboard comprised of 3 no's incoming 400A withdrawable MCCB's bus section MCCB, fully automatic changeover controls and two banks of outgoing switches, with form 4 type 7 segregation for the incoming devices  and type 6 on the outgoing switches.


Ellesmere Port SwitchboardEllesmere Port Switchboard

Hybrid ACB Cabinet

A 4000A ACB cabinet loosely based on the System 50 steelwork design.

The System 50 design was deemed to be more suitable for this project, due to the size and compartment requirements of the project.

4000A Hybrid steel work ACB cabinet

Primark Manchester Store

Primark-Manchester.pngAn suite of 3 of our System 50 type switchboards have been installed in Primarks' new Manchester store.

The panels were designed with tight size constraints in mind, shipped and installed in sections, and re-suited by out Installation Team.

London Underground and Light Railway

London UndergroundDocklands Light Railway

Charnvel Ltd. have supplied a variety of equipment for use on both the London Underground and Docklands Light Railway.

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400v Shore Supply Panels


Charnvel Ltd. (or as Tecnivel (UK) Ltd) have supplied a number of 400 volt shore supply panels to the following locations.

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850v and 1000v Shore Supply Panels

Charnvel Ltd. (or as Tecnivel (UK) Ltd) have supplied a number of 850 / 1000 volt shore supply panels to the following locations.

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Ashford and Ramsgate Traincare Depots

A Javelin train setThe Ashford and Ramsgate depots have been designed to house and maintain the new Hitachi ‘Javelin´ fleet.
Ashford site is being developed to provide stabling, CET and maintenance facilities for the fleet and also to house the existing ‘Classic´ domestic rail services.

Charnvel Ltd. provided 750 DC contactor panels for these projects.

Silent nights at Worcester Shrub Hill

Charnvel Ltd have completed the installation and commissioning of a 3 road shore supply panel at Worcester Shrub Hill Station.
Our Shore Supply Units supply the rolling stock with the necessary power to enable the units to be shut down overnight yet maintain comfort heating and cooling, lighting and engine heating.


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Signalling Supply Points


Charnvel Ltd (or as Tecnivel (UK) Ltd) have in the past supplied SSPs at the following sites.

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Cabinet for Landfill Site

A truly flexible solution, this cabinet houses a mobile diesel connection point section, outgoing (to the grid) ACB, section coupler and feeders for local auxiliary supplies

This unit is in use on a landfill re-generation site, whereby locally generated power is fed back into the grid.

An in-build shot of a complex breaker cabinet

2500A System 50 Switchboard

A System 50 switchboard awaiting factory test2500A System 50 switchboard awating factory witness test.

Dounraey 275/132kV substation

GPS coordinates 58° North, and our most distant UK mainland delivery.

A System 50 switchboard supplied to Scottish Power, delivered, installed and comissioned adjacent to the Dounraey nuclear site.


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Switchboard for Stublach


Stublach substation


Switchboard for Walpole 400kV substation

Walpole switchboard on support frameA large National Grid System 50 switchboard with over 80 outgoing ways fed from 3 incoming devices.

Due to flood risk this switchboard has been mounted on a sub-frame; supplied and installed by Charnvel Ltd

Flexible System 50

Our System 50 design triumped again where a switchboard with bus-duct section was required.

switchboard-bus-duct-03.jpgView of bus-duct and vertical column sectionsSystem 50 section with bus-duct arrangementBus duct section showing copper work

Greater Gabbard Off-shore Wind Farm

Off shore wind farmAn off shore wind farm

Charnvel Ltd. are proud to have supplied a System 50 type LVAC switchboard for the Greater Gabbard Wind Farm project.

Our customer Siemens, called upon our expertise in manufacturing the LVAC switchboard to handle local LV supplies on the platform and the on-shore substation.

The board was constructed to National Grid NGTS 3.12.3 specification.

More details of the Greater Gabbard project, can be found in a press release on the Siemens website.

Beddington 275kV Substation.

Beddington switchboard on site.In addition to the previously completed switchboard for the 132kV substation, Charnvel Ltd have recently built and installed an LVAC switchboard for the refurbished 275kV substation.

Manufactured and installed against a strict time scale Charnvel Ltd. completed another quality switchboard conforming to NGTS 3.12.3, the Charnvel board replaces an out of date Reyroll HH type switchboard, and will continue to provide reliable LVAC supplies to the substation for many years.

Tilbury 400kV GIS substation

Hiab crane lift

Charnvel Ltd together with SEESA (South East Electricity Substation Alliance) have completed another key project for the National Grid Company.

A System 50 Switchboard conforming to NGTS 3.12.3 Issue 7 June 2006 was recently installed at the Tilbury 400kV GIS substation.

Crystal Rig

The Crystal Rig SiteAgain, Charnvel has been involved in another prestigious wind farm project: Crystal Rig II, we were called upon to provide an LVAC switchboard to National Grid specification NGTS 3.12.3 Issue 7 June 2006.

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Galvanised Lighting Supply Kiosk

An adaptation of the system 50 outgoing switch system was fitted into this galvanised lighting feeder kiosk.

Galvanised lighting supply kiosk