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National Grid 800A Isolator ACB cabinet

National Grid 800A Isolator ACB cabinet

Working closely with National Grid, Charnvel have delevoped 3 and 4 pole variants of their Transformer Mounted 800A Isolator ACB cabinet, registred with the EGI CODE AMEB24.

An off load isolator switch is castell interlocked with an 800A ACB in such a way that the isolator swtich cannot ber operated 'on-load'


Enclosures are manufactured from 2mm cold reduced zintec sheet steel which are polyester paint finished to BS 381C shade 632 (other colours or protective finishings are available).

All enclosures are provided with a rain shed roof, removable front apron plate and padlockable outer door(s) for customer padlocks.

Cable entry is from below as standard, or from above when requested.

Protection Rating

Enclosures provide outdoor protection to IP33 as standard, or up to IP54 when required.


HDHC copper busbars are formed in-house. All bars are then electro tin plated to ensure a high quality and long lasting finish.


The outdoor rated cabinet is fitted with a thermostat and heater.