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Routine Maintenance.

Each item of equipment manufactured by Charnvel Ltd. is designed to be of the low maintenance type, however, some simple maintenance procedures must be carried out to ensure the equipment performs as intended.

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System 50 Common Sections

We've created two pdf downloads showing some common System 50 section configurations.

ABB Breakers Literature

Follow the links below to the ABB technical library.

Tmax product pageExternal link - Landing page for the Tmax breaker.

 ACBs - Emax SACE PR121/P - DetailsExternal link

Emax Air Circuit BreakerExternal link - Landing Page

SACE PR010/T Test UnitExternal link Annex

Transformer Fault Rating Calculation

Below is our transformer fault rating calculator. Use this to select the correct rating of Charnvel distribution equipment for your transformer output. 


Forms of Separation

Our guide to forms of separation, illustrate the various methods of protection from live equipment. 

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Correct fitting of laminated connections

Laminated connections are a means of isolating low voltage equipment from the vibrations inherent in transformers.

This article shows how to correctly mount Charnvel equipment onto a transformer.

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Ingress Protection

The IP Code, Ingress Protection Rating, classifies and rates the degree of protection provided against the intrusion of solid objects (including body parts like hands and fingers), dust, accidental contact, and water in mechanical casings and with electrical enclosures.

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