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System 50 Switchboards

do not confuse System 50 switchboards with off the shelf 'meccano like' frame systems

System 50 is a high quality and flexible switchgear framework, developed and designed by Charnvel and manufactured by our partners. The flexibility of the System 50 design means we can easily provide a complete factory built assembly to your contract requirements; anything from single column units to large complex suites of switchgear can be supplied to most IP ratings.

Our versatile and well proven System 50 range of cubicle switchboards are constructed to BS EN60439 (BS 5486) and are available in all classes of forms of separation.

Do not confuse System 50 with proprietary 'off the shelf' cabinet systems which are often subject to many design constraints. A System 50 board can fit your requirements exactly.

The system provides good solutions for the housing of ACB’s, MCCB’s, Switch Fuses, MCB’s and fuse ways in any combination to provide a switchboard tailored to your particular requirements and the modular nature means that installing System 50 into switchrooms is never complicated process. Take a look at some commonly used System 50 section configurations.

Large switchboards can be easily split into easily manageable sections, individually moved into position and then re-suited and site tested, usually within one day. A product of the sturdy design, allows switchboard sections to be laid on their side, which is an important consideration when moving the board into the switchroom; rarely do door apertures have to be modified or additional civil works need to be carried out to install a System 50 switchboard


Tinned copper busbars

  • ASTA certified at 35kA and 50kA for 1 second.
  • Busbar ratings from 200A to 5000A are available as standard.
  • Busbars are totally enclosed to the sides and rear and shielded at the plug-in face to IP-20.
  • Busbars are manufactured from HDHC copper.

System 50 Construction & Options

  • Extensible main busbars for future expansion are a standard fit.
  • Cable entry from above or below, or a combination of both.
  • Generous cable chambers and glanding for easy installation.
  • Front or rear access for easy maintenance.
  • Circuit mimic graphics to clarify usage.
  • 'L' shaped arrangements and bus-duct sections to suit switch room constraints.
  • Wide range of paint colours and finishes.
  • Support frames for installation with false floor systems.

Functional possibilities

  • Automatic change-over on mains fail.
  • Generator synchronisation systems.
  • Sub-distribution MCB and fuse assemblies cubicles.
  • Motor starter enclosures.
  • Many types of instrumentation and modern energy monitoring solutions.
  • Power factor correction sections.
  • Castell locking, interlocking and key exchange box systems deliver extra safety for switching sequences.
  • PLC & SCADA interfaces.
  • Load shedding based on traditional controls.
  • Flexible PLC controlled load-shedding. (Non-essential supply dumping: Last on - first off: First on - first-off)

An installed System 50 panelA System 50 panelSystem 50 board with 3 incoming suppliesA switchboard with mimic diagramMimic detailsAn 'L' shaped switchboard suiteRear busbar arrangement.Support frameSystem 50 with computer floor installationSystm 50 Bus-duct solution

Description of the cable termination arrangements.

Here you see a view of our cable box system. The individual removable gland plates are visible on the floor of the section, leading to a generous vertical cable tray. As shown in the photographs below, each device is housed in a Form 4 type 2 enclosure with an easily removable glanding plate and ample cable tray; cabling a System 50 board is a simple and speedy process.

A view of the generous cable areasCable termination box close-up