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Breaker Cabinets

Charnvel Ltd offer a wide range of transformer mounted outdoor distribution equipment ranging from single feeder ACB, MCCB and fuseswitch cabinets, to multi way units incorporating incoming isolating devices and any number of the above outgoing feeders with the addition of outgoing BS88 or DIN type fuseways.

Various forms of instrumentation, measuring and protective circuitry can be provided, including alarm indication, auxiliary feeds and trip relay protection.


ACB cabinet with the breaker on showEnclosures are manufactured from 2mm cold reduced zintec sheet steel which are polyester paint finished to BS 381C shade 632 (other colours or protective finishings are available).

All enclosures are provided with a rain shed roof, removable front apron plate and padlockable outer door(s) for customer padlocks.

Cable entry is from below as standard, or from above when requested.

Protection Rating

Enclosures provide outdoor protection to IP33 as standard, or up to IP54 when required.


HDHC copper busbars are formed in-house. All bars are then electro tin plated to ensure a high quality and long lasting finish.

Incoming Options

A variety of incoming options are available as follows:

  • Multi way cabinets.
    • Multiple incoming devices with interlocking to prevent parallel supply.
    • Multiple outgoing devices in many combinations
  • Moulded case circuit breakers from 400A to 1600A
  • Ratings from 800A to 4000A are available using air circuit breakers

Outgoing Options

Outgoing cable access from above or below.


  • Paintwork colours and special finishes.
  • Equipment can be provided for free-standing in front of the transformer cooling radiators or trunk connected to the transformer L.V. bushing.
  • Extended trunk to stand the cabinet clear of the transformer cooling radiators.
  • Anti-vibration laminated connections.
  • Mounting feet are available upon request.
  • A variety of equipment and instrumentation can be provided, housed in a 'Top Box'.
  • Fully rated neutral bar.

We must stress that the above covers only a small set of options for this type of cabinet. We have manufactured many bespoke solutions and can quickly provide to suit a wide range of conditions and requirements.

An ACB cabinet between transformer cooling radiatorsConnected to a transformer via an extended trunkCables from belowTop entry ACB cabinetTop entry ACB cabinetACB cabinet with auxiliary MCCBA special top-side entry cable box

A view of the transformer facing flangeAll transformer connected cabinets have the conenctions aligned with a dummy bushing during buildDouble Door Modification