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Mini Pillars

Mini pillars are ideally suited for street lighting and residential supplies. Usually 600A 6 way TP&N busbars, with a maximum outgoing rating of 100A, more commonly rated at 80A.


  • Durable GRP housing with optional sturdy galvanised steel frame ensures low maintenance.
  • Sturdy reliable 3 point locking.
  • HDHC copper busbars, electro tin plated, and insulated.
  • Incoming bolted links for use on a ring system.
  • Outgoing 'house service' type cutouts.
  • Bolted neutral links (Outgoing)
  • 6 Way, triple pole with additional street lighting busbar.
  • Removable, individual gland plates.

Interior view of a mini pillarFont view of a mini pillar on a galvanised stand